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  • Do I get to keep the personalized yard greeting sign?
    Our personalized yard greeting yard signs are used over and over again to spread joy around our community! We are a rental service. We will occasionally offer custom purchase options but those will be listed separately in our online store (coming soon).
  • What areas do you service?
    Our Service Areas are Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Brandon & Tea. Delivery fees may apply to locations outside of Sioux Falls. Depending on availability, we can sometimes service out of our terrriory for an added fee. We are part of a larger affiliate group of 500+ locations across the US. You can also visit and enter your zipcode to find the closest affiliate to your area!
  • When are the signs setup?
    Signs are delivered during the evening hours, the day before your celebration. We can not provide a specific time for arrival, as we place & pickup signs in the best order for that particular night. We are happy to text when we are on our way to set up- just let us know! We can usually accommodate other set up time requests, just let us know on your booking form!
  • How much does it cost to rent a personalized yard greeting sign?
    Check out our yard greeting yard sign pricing and rental option prices under our PRICINGtab.
  • Do you take last minute orders?
    Yes! If we have the availability and the inventory we can do next day orders! It is always best to get in your order as soon as possible! If the date is still unknown (ie: baby arrival or similar), giving us a heads up allows us to prepare your sign for when the recipient is ready!
  • How long will the sign stay in my yard?
    Our pricing is for a one day rental. Extended rentals are available for an additional fee! All arrangements are discussed and confirmed before invoice is sent.
  • Do I need to be there for set up or tear down?
    Nope! You simply place the order with us, pay your invoice, and we handle the rest! You are free to let us know your preference for yard placement, but we try to place our personailized yard greeting yard signs in a highly visible area, and we always text you a photo of the finished product when we leave!
  • What if it rains or we have severe weather? Are your yard greetings waterproof?
    Yes, our outdoor personalized yard greeting yard signs are waterproof! We will even set up in the rain, as long as there is NO lighting! Being in South Dakota, occasionally severe weather will prevent us from setting up entirely or leaving the setup up. In the event we have to cancel or change the timing of your greeting, you will be notified in as advance as possible. Our main concerns are strong winds and/or hail.
  • Can I setup or take down the yard greeting sign myself?
    No. Our yard greeting yard signs must be setup by trained Sign Gypsies. This ensures you receive the best greeting possible & will be a true reflection of our brand standards. Setups must be handled in the same manner to avoid damage to the signs. We thank you for your understanding!
  • Does Sign Gypsies just help celebrate birthdays?
    No! Sign Gypsies can help celebrate any occasion in a BIG way! Anniversaries, graduations, back to school, holidays, weddings, baby announcements.... the options are ENDLESS! Contact us not to help make your BIG day extra special!
  • What is the "Ninja Delivery"?"
    Our Ninja delivery option ensures that your delivery will be a surprise! Selecting this extra means that your personalized yard greeting yard sign will be delivered between the hours of 9pm - 7am. Only one is scheduled per night!

More questions about personalized

yard greetings?  

Some of those might be answered on our POLICIES tab.  

You are also welcome to EMAIL or CALL/TEXT with any others!

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